Decorating Ideas for Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral ceiling sounds like a great thing which people can find in their home. It means that they will have the room which is open and airy. At the same time, this kind of ceiling will also help the room to get spacious look. This ceiling will make the grand and sophisticated room with the beautiful and magnificent atmosphere. Now, people have to face the challenging fact for decorating the room with this kind of ceiling. There are some decorating ideas which people can try when they have the room with this grand ceiling.

Paint Color

The very first thing which should be done of course is choosing the best paint color. It must be made as the first priority. The color of the ceiling should blend well with the room theme. It is necessary to make the ceiling look blended with the rest of the room instead of separated. The ceiling will not be the blank canvas which is forgotten in any room. The next thing which people have to do is just putting the next decoration which can enhance the grandeur of the room with this ceiling such as lighting fixtures.

Lighting Fixtures

If people have the room with vaulted ceiling, there is no doubt that they have to install the right lighting fixtures. It is a must. Magical lighting will give the first impression which is noticed by anyone who walks into the room. The lighting will illuminate the area of vaulted ceiling. There are some options of lighting which can be used and of course the beautiful chandelier will be a great investment for a room with vaulted ceiling. It is not the only option which can be used because they can also install the wall lights and get the great effect to the room.

French Windows

Vaulted ceiling will work well when it is combined with French windows. There are some good reasons after all. With this window types, there will be impression of the large room for sure. Another good reason for this combination is because the room can be more airy and lighted. This windows type actually will give the traditional exterior look. At the same time, the windows will also add the simple and chic decoration to the home interior.


Last but not least, drapes must be installed to the high wall or the vaulted ceiling. The lofty character of the vaulted ceiling can get the attention as well as compliments from the vaulted ceiling.

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