How to Make Teepee for Your Kids

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be fun. You can get many inspirations from Instagram, Pinterest and others. You should count your kid’s idea too since it will be his or her bedroom. Sometimes your kid can overwhelm you with crazy ideas and theme that he or she might to apply it in the bedroom including putting a teepee.

Thanks to the internet, now you can make your own Native American reading nook for your adorable kid. In this article, you will find out how to make one in the easiest and simplest way! Don’t panic if you don’t have the supplies you need. You can always borrow them from your friends or neighbors. Besides, this simple DIY doesn’t require a sew machine!

Supplies you need to prepare:

  • 3/8″ sisal rope
  • 4 1¾’x6′ poplar dowels
  • 6×9′ canvas drop cloth
  • 3 washers
  • 3 screws
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Drill


  1. First, grab your scissors to cut the rope with a long length. After that, burn the end of the rope.
  2. Second, grab your drill to make a hole. You need the first pole to make the first drill at 5”.
  3. Third, you must string the rope and make it through the hole. After that, you should make a knot where the rope meets the pole.
  4. Fourth, you should create a faux. The aim is to see how it can be stable and lay. You use four poles which the back part should be narrower and the front part should be wider. Check whether the first pole can meet the second pole by drilling a hole.
  5. Fifth, feed the rope until it makes through the second pole. Wrap the rope in a couple times. The direction can be in a various way as long as it can stabilize the pole.
  6. Sixth, take the other pole which is the third pole. Make a drill on it and then feed and wrap the rope.
  7. Seventh, do the same thing to the fourth pole.
  8. Eighth, you must open the drop cloth in a horizontal way and then find the middle part. You can start draping the cloth from the back. After that, secure the top part where the poles meet using one screw. Then, drill a hole on the pole before you add a washer to the screw and insert it through both pole and fabric.
  9. The last, still draping the fabric and tucking at the floor to keep the fabric tight. You can adjust the position of the poles if it’s necessary. Use a screw again to secure the fabric

This DIY for your kid’s bedroom decoration takes only 30-50 minutes. You can watch tutorial video to get detail instruction live. Good luck!

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