Vaulted Ceiling Ideas: 5 Ways to Add a Decoration for Your Vaulted Ceiling

Having vaulted ceilings at your house can bring many benefits. It can bring an open look for your house. They can also make your house has airy spacious room that bring fresh air and good air circulation. Whether you have a minimalist or European classic design, these decorations ideas will make your vaulted ceilings become a center of attention. This article will help you gain more vaulted ceiling ideas for your home decoration. 5 ways to add decorations for your vaulted ceiling :

  • Choose the best paint color

This is the priority you should do to beautify your vaulted ceiling. Finding the most perfect fit paint color will make the ceiling blend with the theme of your room. Having the right color for it can also represent your personality and test. It will give more meaning to that room. Once, you decide the right color and paint your vaulted ceilings; they will draw your guess’ attention in the entire area.

  • Think about the lighting

Lighting can be an essential key to illuminate your vaulted ceiling beautifully. Choosing an amazing wall lights or chandeliers will magnify every part of your lovely room. The aim of having a perfect lighting is to make your guess aware about the vaulted ceiling you have. They are not just blank space that doesn’t have function in the room.

  • Accessorize high wall

If you are a good painter, why don’t you put wall artwork into it? Choosing artwork on the wall and paint high wall with fancy drawing can bring your vaulted ceiling more alive. You can also accessorize the high wall by hanging your family portraits. You can bring your own personal taste and style while you are having fun decorating the wall.

  • Use television

Television can be one of the decorations you should do. It can be a perfect way to draw your family member’s and guess’ attention to your vaulted ceiling. It doesn’t matter whether you have vaulted shaped or cathedral ceiling, a flat TV on the wall will make the room more enjoyable and chic. You should consider the place because you don’t want to place it too high or too low from your ceiling.

  • Décor with a fireplace

If you have a plan to put a stone fireplace, why don’t you consider placing it under your vaulted ceiling? This will always be the classic way to décor your vaulted ceiling to become a center of attention. You can buy fireplace that can go well with the theme of your room.

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